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Chris, the part you played in my landing my new job was significant. I could not have done it without you! You are the best!

Linda - Director of eDiscovery Optimization

Chris is easy to work with and focus on our need and requirements.

Michelle - HR Director

I liked working with ESP Legal because they didn't push me into a position. Chris was patient with me and allowed me to make my own decisions to find the right fit. I truly appreciate your kindness—thank you for all your help! 

Ramin — Manager of Network Operations

Fantastic experience overall. ESP is a first rate organization and I’m incredibly satisfied. Lucia is outstanding - the best experience I’ve ever had working with a recruiter. My experience was first class. 

Jamil — Information Systems Support Specialist

My recruiter was very attentive and communicated well. I liked that she was accessible at any time—even after business hours.

Zafar Mohammed — IT Site Coordinator

ESP is the only recruiting firm I will use. Chris and his crew go above and beyond what is required for their services. His high level integrity and work ethic sets him apart from the rest.

Henrique — IT Director

It was a pleasure working with my recruiter, because he listened to what we were looking for, and almost as importantly, what we wanted to avoid. I have every confidence that our new Technology Manager will prove to be a very good hire, primarily because both of us were confident that we had truly "heard" one another.

Carol — Executive Director

ESP was able to find us the right candidate who turned out to be a great addition to our team. My recruiter has always been a pleasure to work with. Thank you ESP!

Gary — Information Technology Manager

I can always count on ESP to present only candidates relevant to my needs.  ESP has successfully placed a number of Technology Support Analysts for us over the years.

Vivia — Support Center Manager

I have worked with ESP several times over the last 10 years and I consistently find my recruiter to be very responsive, in tune to the firm's needs, and delightful to work with. I always feel confident that when an order is placed with ESP every effort will be made to locate the best and most qualified person for the position. I'm happy to say the results have been spot-on.

Bonita — Human Resources Manager

It has been amazing working with ESP. I could not have done it without you!

Sarah — Human Resources Coordinator

ESP puts quite a bit of work into Candidate Screening and the quality is excellent as a result. I'm extremely satisfied with ESP's work, flexibility and candidates.

Scott — CIO

I have worked with ESP for many years and have relied on their capabilities to provide us with a well-qualified pool of candidates for our searches. ESP has always been very efficient, cost effective and able to find us the right candidates to meet our requirements. I truly appreciate their unique understanding of the legal environment.

Kevin — Executive Director

ESP has some of the best skilled technology professionals in the industry, but the attribute I most appreciate when working with my ESP recruiter is his integrity and quality of service. ESP listened to my firm's specific needs in terms of skills, experience and culture and matched them accordingly. Whenever I recruit for technology professionals, ESP is always my first choice.

Audrey — Human Resources Manager

I want to thank ESP for all their help during my job search!! They did an excellent job in finding me new employment. Thank you again to ESP! 

William — Litigation Support Specialist

I like working with ESP because of my recruiter's communication skills and passion for the legal IT industry.

Alexander — Desktop Engineer

ESP was great to work with! They knew where I wanted to go in my career so finding a qualified position was a pleasant process.

Will — Desktop Engineer

ESP was invaluable in setting the stage for my interview and the hiring process. They took the time to make sure there was common ground, and that I would be a great fit. I highly recommend ESP for professional representation.

John — Sr. VOIP Engineer

My representative at ESP has stayed in contact with me throughout the years and has consistently provided top-notch service. He has worked diligently to find a good fit for me and to persist in helping me stand out amidst many qualified applicants. The best thing I can say about him is that whenever we talk, he always makes me feel like I'm his only client - and yet I know several people he has placed!

Mary — Technology Support Analyst

ESP was great to work with. I never felt pressured. My recruiter worked hard to ensure that all my needs and requests were met by my new employer.

Sean — Legal Trainer

My recruiter is one of the very best recruiters in the legal technology field. I recommend ESP to anyone seeking an opportunity in Southern California.

Kahlee — Learning Technology Advocate

My recruiter did his homework. He understood me as a candidate–my history, aptitude, and direction for my career. He also understood what the employer and management needed and were looking for in an employee. Keeping in contact with him over the years has shown me that his knowledge of Legal IT individuals, departments, and firms does benefit all in better matches for candidate and employer.

Bert — Technology Manager

ESP has the contacts and the relationships with high-end companies needed to find and place me in a great job. My recruiter assisted me in my preparation all the way through to the job offer. Their persistence paid off when having me reconsidered for the position I am in now. I am glad I was represented by ESP.

Raul — Support Center Analyst

Professional, courteous, follow-through, honesty, and integrity: these qualities make ESP stand out from their competitors. It’s not a competition-they aren’t in the same league.

Michael — Director of IT

ESP's accurate market research, applicants’ skill set analysis, and good relationships with employers helped me find a job during the recession. Thank you ESP staff.

James — Senior Web Developer

My recruiter did a fantastic job matching my skills to the position. I am now working for a stable company that is leveraging cutting-edge IT technologies. I actually look forward to coming to work because I know that I am contributing to the success of a great organization.

David — SQL DBA and Administrator

I can only describe ESP in three words: "Excellence beyond Expectation". My recruiter’s professionalism and genuine care and concern have provided me not just a job but a career where I can provide for my family. Thank You ESP!

Julio — System Support Analyst Level II

I sincerely thank ESP for your help and dedication in getting me my new job. This environment is more than I ever dreamed of and I am so excited and elated to be here. There are times where I just have to pinch myself to make sure this is all a reality. I could never thank you enough and I am forever indebted to you.

Joy — Support Center Analyst

Of the recruiters I have dealt with over the years, you and ESP continue to be the most professional and pleasant to work with. 


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