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2017 Technology & Litigation Support Salary Survey

Our 2017 salary survey presents data gathered and analyzed from law firms ranging from small law firms with 20 - 30 attorneys and a single technology professional to large international firms with hundreds of technology staff. 


Download the 2017 Legal Technology & Litigation Support Salary Survey

The salary ranges shown are median low (25th percentile) to median high (75th percentile) salaries and reflect differences based on years of experience and skill sets. Our survey also divides salary range based on law firm size where applicable. We qualify a small law firm, as one with 1-50 attorneys, Mid as one with 51-250 attorneys, and Large as a law firm with more than 250 attorneys. 

Salaries shown are base salaries for permanent employees and do not include discretionary bonuses.

With over twenty years of legal technology staffing expertise, ESP Legal continues to monitor and analyze hiring trends, including compensation and benefits in this rapidly changing market.