ESP Legal Releases 2018 Salary Guide

Our 2018 salary guides present data gathered and analyzed from law firms ranging from small law firms with 20 – 30 attorneys to large international firms. Our data includes salaries from ESP’s recent placements, as well as national and local research.

Demand for Tech Staff at Law Firms Grows

In 2017, we saw an increase in the demand for technology staff in the legal marketplace, continuing the upward trend in IT recruitment and hiring. This trend is likely to continue, with 70% of CIOs planning to increase their technology workforce in 2018 according to the Society for Information Management’s 2017 study. Among our clients, the demand seemed strongest for System and Network Engineers, Trainers, Applications Software Analysts and Desktop Engineering roles. Also noteworthy was the need for Help Desk Support and Security Engineers with security concerns continuing to grow for law firms.

A Tight Market for Attorneys

For attorney hiring, the candidate market is the tightest it’s been since 2006. Some reports show an unemployment rate for educated legal professionals (at all levels) under one percent. Our clients have been reaching out to us more quickly when a need arises and have been working hard to streamline their hiring process and provide timely feedback to secure the best candidates.

Work-Life Balance and Benefits Are More Important Than Ever

Candidates continue to express higher interest in better work-life balance, including having the option to work remotely at least part time. Additionally, affordable medical benefits are often a strong factor for candidates when choosing between offers and clearly defined career paths remain important. To attract and retain top talent you may need to focus on adding to your offerings or highlighting those you have in the recruitment and interview process.

With over twenty-two years of legal staffing expertise, ESP Legal continues to monitor and analyze hiring trends, including compensation and benefits in this rapidly changing economy in order to best serve you.

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